Our Special Tours ! Enjoy it.



With our guide to Rothorn - Scalottas - Weisshorn or Weisshorn - Rothorn - Scalottas. (6 hours incl. Lunchbreak)


Discover June Hütte or Alp Fops - 6 hours incl. Lunchbreak

Die Nostalgische

Arosa Lenzerheide in the good old days. Pradaschier (5 hours incl. Lunchbreak )


Nothing for snow lime. Stätzerhorn (1 hour lunch break, accompanied only by our sportiest guide)


Visit the coolest and hottest snow bars

Die Unentdeckte

Small little-used slopes, away from the trouble.

Back on Track

that you don't end up like this

You were a good ski- or snwoboarder and after a long break (injury, baby break etc.) you are ready to go on the piste again. An experienced skier or snowboard instructor will arrange the daily program individually according to your needs. Please indicate at the level on which you rode last. 1 hour lunch. Lunch is not included in the price.

Your Friend in Arosa

First time in Arosa? It is the best tour for you!

Family and friends

For Familys and groups of 6

8000er Challenge

Try to reach the number 8888. Our Skiline-Guide makes the tour. Only two opinions are correct.

Runda Lai

The legendary Runda Lai (6 Hours incl. Lunchbreak)

Skiing by Night

Skiing by night at Stätzertäli (incl. Diner and VIP-Shuttle back to Arosa)


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