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"Tele Ho" or for snow sports enthusiasts who do not want to tie in ...

„Die wenigsten lernen das Telemarken in Skischulen. Meistens wird man erst von Freunden dazu verdonnert – und fängt danach an, es zu lieben.“
Zitat: Marc Fehr Tagesanzeiger 2018


Telemark driving has become increasingly popular in recent years. Even the small group in Arosa grows from season to season.

Just try it out - rent equipment and book a two-hour or full introductory day with us.

Also perfect with friends or family.

And do not be surprised if another telemarker greets you with a joyous "Tele-Ho!" As you drive by on the piste, one of his poles forms a horn on the helmet, the other sets on the buttocks a tail.

This is quite normal under telemarkers.


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